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Chromium Zirconium Copper

Alloy Name
Alloy Code
Nominal Composition
Typical Mechanical Properties

Chrome Zirconium Copper (J47Z) conforming to R.W.M.A. Class 2 specifications was developed for the spot and seam welding of plated materials, such as, tin plate, Zinc or Lead coated steels and aluminium.

The unique properties of this alloy, namely its high electrical and thermal conductivity gives it a greater resistance of softening and tests have shown that J47Z retains its hardness at 500 degrees centigrade.
A precipitation hardening copper-base alloy, which has high electrical and thermal conductivity, Good wear resistance and high strength at elevated temperatures, such as welding electrodes, electrical components, contacts and studs.

We produce J47Z in a large range of metric and imperial rounds, squares and rectangles.
Also seam welder wheels, plate and forgings.